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We love everyone who, like us, has become passionate about a street sport or art. Who have made it their own and continue to develop further. People who keep asking themselves after reaching a certain goal: What’s next?

We’re here for those who are driven by that rush of awesomeness they get when they reach the next level. Different and better, that’s what it’s all about for them. They break easily with the established order. For them, part of the fun is also in ‘the way you do it’.

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Especially for them we have developed a platform  where they can meet like-minded people, exchange experiences and collaborate.

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website, app, magazine, expo en tour

Via onze website, app, magazine, expo en tour kan je zelf geïnspireerd raken maar ook anderen inspireren, opleiden of ze van de juiste gear voorzien.  Zo blijven jij en onze andere members elkaar telkens weer naar het volgende level van awesomeness brengen. Het is niet lonely on your way to the top 🙂


Through our website, app, magazine and education, you can inspire yourself and others, train them or provide them with the right gear. This way, you and our other members keep taking each other to the next level of awesomeness. It’s not lonely on your way to the top 🙂


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